Good Afternoon!

It’s another humid day in Iowa City! The weather says it’s 66% (humidity), but it feels closer to 200% so the AC is on, even though it’s not that hot. I didn’t even think about the fact that ACs drip water on their outside (if it’s a window unit), because they’re filtering it out of the air that comes inside. It’s “conditioning” the “air.” Haha, silly me.

Anyway. It’s stupid humid. I’m at this obnoxious spot with all my clients where I’m either waiting on them to get back to me, or I’m stuck on their project and need to look away for a minute to get my eyes uncrossed. That happens a lot, actually. Do you ever get that? Like, you spend six consecutive hours working on one design, and it just doesn’t make sense anymore? Like when you write down or say aloud a particular word, over and over again – and it looks/sounds weird after a while. Same goes for design work. Unfortunately, when I spend six consecutive hours on a design then take a break, usually when I come back to it, I hate the entire thing. Ugh. So frustrating.

I’ve been working on a small handful of things since we got to Iowa. One is a branding project that I’ve been working on for the past six years, and it’s not been released to the public yet, so I’m not allowed to say anything about it. Then there’s Nicole Duke’s jewelry/egg business logo. It’s super cute, just like her. Here, I’ll show you where we are on it – I hope she doesn’t mind –

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.02.28 PM.png

She’s a lover of beagles. They’re her “spirit animal.” The logo has all kinds of delightful symbolism, but I can’t recall it at the moment. She wanted to be able to have it made into a rubber stamp. I think it’ll translate really well.. I hand-drew the beagle (first pencil, then Sharpie), and everything else is vector hand-work. Even the triangles. Illustrator has a similar pattern/backdrop, but my shitty cs4 version freezes whenever I try to edit patterns in isolation mode, so I just decided to make it from scratch. I can’t wait until Adam has a student ID so I can upgrade to CC. Ugh.

I’m also working on a logo for a group called Black Belt Citizens. Here’s where we are on that one:

BBC Logo3.png

Nice! Right? I did some nice hand work for some rough drafts, but they wanted something cleaner, more to the point. They may not even like this one, but.. I do. Don’t those colors just say “clean and fresh?” Ahh.

I’m also working on an illustration for a friend, and the illustration is to be a gift, so I’m not allowed to say anything else about it. My friend, Amanda Turri, AKA The Sassy Lumberjack, and I are in the beginning stages of writing and illustrating a children’s book together. More on that as it happens. I’m designing a SWEET tattoo for a friend in Albuquerque. And I’m doing two wedding portraits! I’ll put everything up here as the kinks get worked out. I also submitted a bid to be the lead designer for a start-up in Albuquerque. They’re looking at two other designers though, so we’ll see.. I had a Skype session with the founders of the start-up, like, ten minutes after I smashed my finger in the window last week (and thought I broke it), so I hope the adrenaline pumping through my brain didn’t make me say anything stupid..

Oh! Speaking of fear! Adam got a job at the library today! Adam’s going to be a librarian! Yeah! He was pretty nervous about his interview, but the guy called him back the next day. I knew he would get it. But.. I’ve been wrong before, so I didn’t puff him up too much. I’m so glad he got this though. It’ll really be good for him to be working in the public library system here, while going to school to hopefully work in conservation one day. Very good and applicable experience for his career. Hurrah!

I miss my friends. Not smoking is hard. Not drinking is annoying. I had my first cigarette in August of 2004. It was a Camel light given to me by Ben James, sitting on a picnic table next to the Tennessee River in South Knoxville. What a delicious thirteen years it’s been. Cigarettes love unconditionally, I think that’s why I stuck with them for so long. I still love them more than I love most people. But! -they were going to be the death of me, so there’s no getting around that one. For a long time, I had no qualms with just embracing that death. My life has never been very enjoyable (tortured soul and all that). Being married has changed my mind though. Marriage is a trip.

Welp, time for some Netlix and chill. Peace out, fam.

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