Adam and I are Iowans now. We’re registered to vote (he’s blue, I’m red, nbd) and watching a lot of television. Is that even what it’s called anymore? I haven’t had a TV since my first apartment. What’s the alternative? MP, for motion pictures? Serialized Motion Pictures? Screen Shows. Yeah, that’s probably the best yet. Screen Shows. I like that. Anyway, we just finished season five of House of Cards, and are watching Twin Peaks as it comes out every Sunday. I’m rewatching the entirety of the American Office, and started to watch Cheers the other week, but it makes me miss beer and cigarettes too much, so I’m taking a break from that for now.

Oh, did I mention I quit smoking [again]?

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That’s how I feel about that. Which is why I’ve become a shut-in for the foreseeable future. It’s actually working really well. I haven’t had hardcore cravings in like three hours. I try to not let on that I’m dying, but then I just explode in murderous rage. It’s been ten days. I guess you could say.. wait..

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Anyway, Adam’s being the perfect gem that he always is. For whatever reason, he’s been getting up at the crack of dawn since we got here (which is 5:15am), and subsequently becoming a grouch by early afternoon. We’ve discovered that naps help with this behavior. I take delicious, delicious sleeping pills, so I never get up early anymore. It’s great. A doctor told me to take them until my anxiety level went down, so I don’t feel guilty about it at all.

Oh! Which reminds me, I’m supposed to blog about my recent doctor visits. Hmm.. well, this is actually one area I don’t think I’m ready to talk about to the world just yet. I can say a few things though. I’ve been prescribed ten minutes of meditation, twice a day, and therapy once a week, for the rest of my life. The doctor said she could, and might prescribe antidepressants, if – after a few months of therapy – my condition hadn’t changed. What is my condition? That’s what I can’t talk about. It’s personal. Don’t ask me about it, I will sic Jesus on you.

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All righty, so in other news, I have a list of exciting things to keep me busy for a while! Yay lists! Here we go:

  1. Blog (I’m doing that right now!!);
  2. Journal – every day, all my grossest feelings;
  3. Meditate (twice daily) – got an app, will start.. soon;
  4. Yoga – have a great app, can’t wait to roll out the mat later this afternoon;
  5. Write a book, then illustrate it;
  6. Get some rollerskates and find the nearest derby to teach me how to use them;
  7. Buy beginner stilts and practice using them, then keep getting taller and taller and taller until I can join a circus (I plan on making super-long dresses to wear too);
  8. Make one of each dress pattern I own;
  9. Become fluent in ASL and find the local deaf community;
  10. Help Adam finish some of his songs, and then sing them with him;
  11. Find a Scrabble buddy and play at a coffee shop once a week;
  12. Learn more about kayaking, and actually go kayaking, then maybe buy a kayak;
  13. Learn how to play the guitar while singing;
  14. Take a class or two on starting/sustaining a freelance career;
  15. Knit Adam and myself scarves for the coming Winter;
  16. Do the Bible Schmible podcast;
  17. Find a bike, and go biking;
  18. Be a more communicative sister/daughter;
  19. Find a therapist;
  20. Get my wisdom teeth out; and
  21. Read Wuthering Heights

So there you have it.


It’s several days later! June 22nd (it was June 9th when I started this post). I haven’t had a cigarette yet! Somehow though, my desire to smoke has gotten stronger. I have a feeling this blog is going to become a release valve for my cravings. Which is fine with me.

I may have broken my finger yesterday. Our sublease is an old Victorian apartment building with 5,000lb. windows. I was shutting them yesterday to turn on the AC and, well, one fell on my fingertip. I didn’t scream, but I did almost faint. It’s probably not broken, I guess, because it hasn’t turned black [yet], but it’s making work and typing pretty damn difficult. Thank God for the other nine. Fingers, that is.

Anyway, an update on the list! We got bikes! I have a lovely old Fuji Regis and Adam got a Lotus Excelle (nice bike). These are NOT going to get stolen. In case you were unaware, we had three bikes stolen from us in Albuquerque in a month. It sucked. So if anyone sees the bike pictured below, with a cute little basket (with a bow) and bell on the front, and a green milk crate on the back – steal it back for me and I’ll give you a blessing. Man, I miss it. It was super heavy though. And a single speed (gross). New bike is much better for Iowa hills and humidity.


I also found some Scrabble buddies, and have begun three scarves for Winter. Today marks the downhill slope into the coldness. I won’t lie, I am incredibly nervous about it. But, we signed a lease on a new place starting August 1st, and heat is included in the rent, so that’s comforting. It’s actually a really adorable spot. Really close to the stadium and right across the river from Adam’s school (Center of the Book). Apparently, the West side of the river is the “grown-up” side, except for the stadium during home games. Can’t even tell you how much I don’t care about the college sports scene. Sheesh.

I can’t type anymore, my finger’s making it all too awkward.

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