I’m not prepared to write an entire blog post right now, but I have the day off, and I’m not ready to take a shower and get the ball rolling yet, so here I sit, procrastinating for a moment. I just read Anna Laura’s newest entry, and it warmed my heart so much. We’re so, so, so alike. I crave sister-time like I never thought I would crave anything. It’s an ache that feels like I’m being punished. Punished for leaving. Nobody here is like my sister. This town is full of old wise-crackers with lots of money, and young whipper-snappers full of drugs and alcohol. Not a whole lot inbetween– except, of course, the middle-aged assholes (pardon) with chips on every shoulder. I’m not necessarily getting bitter about the place– I’m still enjoying my time pretty well. I just miss having friends.

And I should probably start doing things. Damn, I have a lot to do. Let me just make a list before logging off here:

  1. Take a shower
  2. Clean up the kitchen, dining room, and living room
  3. Water the tree
  4. Shovel the sidewalks
  5. Work on Adam’s present
  6. Work on our Christmas card
  7. Finish sewing stockings for my staff
  8. Walk to the store for milk
  9. Hem and mend two of my dresses
  10. Do the schedule for Christmas & New Years

I should probably get milk first though, so that I can drink coffee up until 1:00. Yeah, that’s a good idea..

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  1. omg. I forgot I even had this blog. I’ma start again, in approx. three weeks. AKA Albuquerque.

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