The Moving Plans Are Forming

Adam’s going to be a bookbinder. Just in case anyone was in doubt. Have you seen his books? Have you examined his books? Have you seen him make a book? Have you examined him, making a book? If you have, you know, that Adam has got hisself a vocation.

And speaking of vacations, the next step for him in his quest, is the resort city of Telluride, Colorado. There, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, overshadowed by the hype of Winter sports, is the American Academy of Bookbinding (AABB). Adam’s hope is to begin classes in the Spring of 2014. One really nice thing about the school is that – the way it’s set up – you don’t necessarily need to live in the town of Telluride in order to attend. Mostly, they have three-week courses, and then from 4-6 months of homework (which you can do from wherever). At least, this is all my understanding of how it works. Don’t take my word for it.

At any rate, we love each other very much, even hope to get ourselves hitched at some point in the future (not yet, not yet), so the thought of not living in the same city, of course made us very sad and sick to our stomachs. So we’ve decided to move together somewhere. Probably September, so we can get relatively settled, before having to figure out school-things. It’s obnoxious that we’ve decided to live separately. Side note: How in the bloodlybloodbloodbloodyblood-cuss do people date for so long? I, for one, am over it. But not really. I guess. End side note. Things are expensive out West. I’m sure we’ll do fine. We’ve been practicing.

That’s going to do it for now. I’m off to the Birdhouse Walk-In Theater to watch a dumb pretentious French movie. Gah.

3 thoughts on “The Moving Plans Are Forming”

  1. !!!! WordPress has JUST NOW decided to send me these two latest messages from you!! O.M.G.

    I’m starting a new blog with the Adams. I think it’s called adamandcarla.. I’ll be posting a link to it on FB shortly.

  2. Also, that was the first time I’d seen The 400 Blows—I actually burst into tears for a second on the way back home. I guess I must be getting older—have a hard time handling tragedies involving children.

  3. Why do you not blog more??? Every one of your posts is like big chocolate joy. Please, more. Esp when you move, omg—it will HAVE to pick up, then. I will insist.

    Was happy, in somber, martyr-type way, about you going to Telluride. Am now happy in glad, smiling way, to think of you going to Denver, since that will mean we can visit you! It’s a big deal! YES!!!

    Also, dating is ok! Because marriage is a plunge! I know you’ll enjoy the rest of your time dating, however long it lasts. Anyway I have my bridesmaid hairdo picked out, so—whenever.

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