It would so funny if – as I was writing this post – every time WP saved the draft, it published the draft! So you all could see what I’m writing, as I’m writing it! And you would be able to see exactly how many times I backspace EVERYTHING, say awful things about people, and briefly insert words beyond my vocabulary.

Anyway – just a thought.

It’s 6:00PM on a Monday evening, here in Knoxville, Tennessee. Everyone else is blogging and I like reading them, so I figured I’d just send a little croak into the mix, so you all know I’m still alive and well.

I’m reading Little Women, and just completely thrilled. I know I’ve read it before, but I do NOT remember it being so delicious in every detail. Amazing. I’m more than ever, sure that I’m Amy. And it thrills me in a very peacock way that that means I get Laurie in the end. HaHA!

In other news.. The Birdhouse Walk-In Theater received an evil little letter from a few bad guys over at a certain unnamed movie distributor who said we couldn’t play their movie. We complied, but have since donned masks and camouflage. It’s terrifying to realize that – if the bad guys wanted to be especially bad, they could fine every one of us a quarter of a million dollars for each film of their’s we’ve shown. TERROR: OH MY GOLLY DANG BLANG FLIP, whAT? Yes.. but after having a board meeting in the mountains yesterday, and talking with a bunch of people older than us, we’ve decided that the bad guys can’t possibly be that bad. So we’re just changing our privacy settings on Facebook and keeping the names and searchable pictures off of the internet from here on out. We’ll see how that works.

What else, what else..

I miss my sisters so much. Reading Little Women is like living our past over again. We’ve all just gotten older so quickly.. it didn’t seem to me like we had much closure for our childhood. We had innocence and play in our bloods one day, the next we were fighting against that with all of our hearts (but it was still there), and the next thing you know, we were all grown up, and wishing that we had the innocence and play back.. just for long enough to say goodbye to it.. I wonder if that’s making any sense at all. I’m starting to cry, so I’ll just stop.

Actually, my back is starting to ache, so I’m just going to stop all together. I hope I haven’t said anything embarrassing.

2 thoughts on “BORRING!!!!”

  1. You’re so funny. I don’t know if that is what you want to hear or not, but it is true. You’re serious, too, and I take you that way. But having a great dash of funniness with one’s seriousness is wonderful.

  2. You’re like the best blogger ever. I laughed, I cried.

    1. It might be safer to do an email list rather than a fb group…..??? Not that I know anything about anything. Except that lawyers are constantly on fb, Evan tells us that that’s true. So.

    2. You’re so right. You do get Laurie, and you can have him. Haha.

    3. and you’re so right about non-closure from childhood. Why is that? The more poetry and novels I read, the more I think that this is an experience/realization common to man/womankind. A completely profound thing.

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