“Take it easy!”

I’m so busy. It’s really unhealthy. But at least I have a plan of action. Would you like to hear it?

1. Keep not doing Facebook so much– allow 30 minutes of “goof-off” once back on,
2. Set up mint.com account, so as to implement eventual “on paper-on purpose” financial plan for life,
3. Stop going out at night, as it sucks time, money, and energy away from things which are truly rewarding,
4. Start putting money, time, and energy into a few (A FEW) things which are Carlaesque, and replenish soul,
5. Read Bible EVERy morning (will be much more feasible once #3 is consistent pattern),
6. Cut back on hours at Cafe, and
7. Smile more.

Real quick before I clock in for the second time today, wanted to put this down somewhere before I forgot. A stocker came into the Cafe this morning and said to me as he was leaving, “Take it easy!” And suddenly I HEARD that phrase for the first time in my ENTiRE LIFE (seriously). It dawned on me that.. geez, just so much of the time, I’m making this life and this world, and these interactions within it– GOD. I mean, really, I just take this whole thing WAY too seriously. Take it easy.. be soft. Be malleable, chill the flip out. EVERYthing has been taken care of already. Just do what you can, and leave the rest up to the Creator, Sustainer, Lover, and Lord of your soul. :) E’erything’s jeeeeeest fine! :D

Love. All. BEENK! [:)

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