The Stone Cup, Chattanooga, Tennessee

..don’t interesting people talk to each other when they’re by themselves in a coffee shop? We all know we want to. You know you want to. That’s right. You. You six foot three BUILT young man with an mac, sitting cross-legged on that chair, drinking your pint and looking over at me every few minutes. YOU want to talk to me. I want to talk to YOU. WHY?? doesn’t it ever happen? And what about YOU?! You five foot eleven moderately built art-school-looking tattooed young barista?? Why don’t YOU talk to me? Why don’t I talk to YOU? Hey hey hey, YOU’re not getting off that easy. Just because you’re a girl and we live in a culture where it’s now officially considered “coming on” to someone, if a girl initiates conversation with another girl– does NOT let you off the hook. You should talk to me. Because there’s a comPLETELy healthy, wonderful, potential-ridden CHEMistry between us!! I should talk to you. We should be friends. You should be one of my bridesmaids when I marry that fellow over there.

Oh. Disgusted at why kids my age don’t have the git-up’n-go to meet each other and be friends. Why? WHY?? WAAAAHAAAY?!?!!??!?!!!!!!

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