So I’m fasting Facebook for lent. NEEDless to say, I’ll be blogging a lot more (NEED TO FEEL KEYS UNDER MY FINGERS!!). I don’t even have anything much to say right now. And less time to say it. But here goes:

Today cussed. Cussed cuss. Cussingly. It was just one big cuss on top of another cuss. I nearly died. Was thinking seriously about cuddling up with the toaster in the bathtub, but then I realized I didn’t have a toaster– OF COURSE! So I decided to go pray with a bunch of folks instead (after commiserating with best frond). It wasn’t really what I was expecting, and I even fell asleep during the “listening for God” period.. ahh, several times, but the funniest thing happened when I was leaving! I realized that my load was lighter. It was.. really cool. And I do mean much lighter! It was.. adorable! So then yoga happened and I felt like a cLOUd floating out of there. :) And now I feel almost just right! If only Patti Green were here to fix that ONe thing.. cuss’d rib. It’s always giving me trouble.. grumble..

I think that’s all I have to say right now. Just needed to shout out to the world before hitting the sack. Wow, we all need each other. Lesson of the day. Nightnight! :D

2 thoughts on “Meow!”

  1. (By the way, I wrote this great email to you several days ago and after gmail ate it, I was too discouraged to write another one, till now. though, I realize this is not an email. but it is a message, of a kind.)


    1) I laughed out loud listening to your voicemail about me winning bingo.

    2) you and me need to have a date. srsly.

    3) I’m completely impressed, almost in awe of your giving up f.b. for lent.

    4) when should we have a date.

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