Sometimes I sit down to write a post, and after a few sentences, I just lose heart. Lose heart. Loose heart. Roamin’ around the globe, seeking who may devour it. Oh good heavens, what am I saying.

So I moved! Yeees, yees. It’s a temporary move. I’m living with my friend, Demi at a very patriotic house in the 4th & Gill neighborhood. Yes, I live in 4th & Gill. I just need to live in Mechanicsville, and somewhere on Sutherland Avenue, and I will have lived in every corner of Knoxville. Oh, I was going to do this earlier.. actually make a list of all of the places I’ve lived. ::ahem::

Born: Hiawassee Avenue
2. Little Valley Lane
3. Walker Road
4. Inskip Road
5. Closkelt Road
5a. Shankill Road (1 month)
6. McCampbell Lane
7. Copeland Street
8. Grainger Avenue
8a. Corinne’s car (1 month)
8b. 4th Avenue (1 month)
9. Baker Avenue
10. Ridgeview Road
11. Deery Street

And of course, from #4-11 were within the past four years. It would be so interesting to see (with time lapse photography) all of my possessions over the years.. come and go, evolve and disappear, bloom and die..

At any rate! I’m here now, and will be moving on in July. Maybe into a house somewhere, maybe to California, maybe to Bogota. We’ll see. I’m definitely transient at heart, no doubt about that.. but it’s hard to travel with so much stuff and so little room. I’m thinking about de-cluttering.. again. I sure would like to find a camper somewhere for cheapy. I have nothing else to say, I have no idea why I started writing this late. Or at all. I wonder if I should even publish this. What the heck. Night night. :)

2 thoughts on “Deery”

  1. Yeah yeah! I live on the other side of 3rd! Let’s visit in a bit. I need to get my bleep together first though.

  2. wait. you live on deery st??? (this is shaina, by the way)
    i might live like a block from you…on luttrell & 3rd. o my goodness, can we see each other?? i would very much like to.

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