The Sky Was Black As Ink

Wow, it’s seriously like totally the most gorgeous morning in the whole entire universe. Sorta. Yes, Spring is by far, by….. ffff-AR: my aBsoLute favorite season in this calendar. Wowie. The weather, after what this Winter brought, feels like.. ehhhh… like.. ehhhh… ehhh… EH!!!!– no words. No words.

Funny!– how– wait, no it’s not funny at all– Odd!– how obnoxiously present and aware I am during the most insufferable moments of time, and how much I live in the future– expecting the ground to crumble under my feet– during really pleasant times. And THAT was a really obnoxious sentence. But seriously, why is that? I guess pain (seventeen degrees Fahrenheit) MAKES you focus on “NOW.” Like, self-preservation mode (ohhh cutie smokin’ a pipe and eight o’clock in the morning, how adorable..); and contentment somehow relieves that need (everything’s fine! Nothing needs fixing!). So maybe my mind automatically wants to “go back” to the last place I was “present.”  ::that makes sense::

So pe’haps I’ll do an experiment today. Today is a good day. Only four engagements (oh lord), and no deadlines. It should be a pretty soft day. Days like these I’m usually able to relax. Especially if the weather’s good. Like right now. But I hear it’s supposed to storm. Which would be even better. They. Jus’. Ain’. NOTHin’. Like a good storm. Right, so my experiment: I b’lieve I’ll try out this idea, of attempting to be present, even when I don’t need to be. See where that gets me. Who knows, I might end up getting the opportunity to do something really great. Or I might end up noticing things I didn’t necessarily want to. We shall see.


Bob Law’s Law Blog.

Good gracious, so many young professionals out here. I’m on Market Square. Was going to be working on a design this morning, but they sent me the wrong file to incorporate into it (I’m already done with the basic design; just needed one element from them), so I’m just chillin’ here on the patio of Cafe 4, waiting for 8:45 to roll around. I so rarely sit out here. It’s actually incredibly pleasant! Feels like I’m in another city. But that could totally be the weather, the yellow-green pavement (pollen-time!), and the fact that I’m BEING PRESENT! Ha-ha! >:D

I love the “new city” feeling. Breaks my heart and puts it back together in a completely different order. Wow. That’s really.. exactly what it feels like. What a perfect analogy. Sometimes I just blow myself away.

Oh boy. I get to see Mattie and Hannah tonight. And then tomorrow I get to meet with my web master, Leo (check out my new website: And then Friday I get to have dinner with the FAM! And THEN Saturday I get to have dinner at a freakin’ MANsion! I just am really liking life right now. AAAAand it’s about time to go to my other job. Yay. Present. Present. Present.

2 thoughts on “The Sky Was Black As Ink”

  1. That website needs some content..looks good so far though. So is a today a post-Sabbath restart day?

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