Paraphrase of the Day

Galatians 5:1

Would you like to know the REASON that God decided to take our death sentence?

Here it is: Freedom. Think about that.

Not for any other reason– person, place, or thing– it was for Freedom. Do you know what Freedom is? If you can only think of what Freedom ISN’T, then– my friend– you are in for a treat (I am being candid). All of us know what Freedom isn’t, because we were born into it. Slavery. I have been a slave to most things which I have encountered; coffee, fairy tales, cute boys, cigarettes, money, revenge, the concept of health, peace, and contentment, hatred, lust, gossip, food, power, and of course the list goes on and on (and on). I know these things intimately, because they have been masters to me. I have served them, and they have abused me. They promised me things I wanted, and they give me just enough sustenance to keep me coming back for more. I am not free under their rule. I am bound. Hand and foot. Gagged and blindfolded. Led by the ring in my nose to whatever vicious demise they like.

Slavery. Think about it. We know slavery in the same way that we know the feeling of hunger. The very state of hunger implies the existence of food. A body sustained by its own meat and fluids.. will not last very long. Likewise, a soul enslaved will eventually forget that he desires freedom.

SO I SAY TO YOU: BE WARY. Stand FIRM, NOW. SEE the TRUTH, do NOT let your soul continue to serve the masters of this earth. If you have experienced the Truth of Freedom, you know where to turn; if you have not experienced it: YOU KNOW WHERE TO TURN.

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