I’m just wondering where my friends are. Seems like they all got married or boyfriends. I wonder if I did this to my friends when I got a boyfriend. Why do we have to want boyfriends. Why does there have to be this tension. I hate it. I hate that my friends leave me. I hate it. I want to live and relate and be with my friends. But they’re too busy living and relating and being with their mates. I have some grace for that.. I know what it’s like to be in love.. but.. I wish I had friends again..

3 thoughts on “Plog”

  1. I find this post ironic, because you never want to hang out with me anymore. just a minute—let me wipe this tear off the keyboard—but anyways. hang out with me sometime damn it all to hell and damnation!!!

  2. surely there is a better way! i mean, after awhile, you get used to the love bit and can handle both.. but….. that whole reorganizing of priorities can sometimes end tragically.

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