Journal, Journal, Journal.. it’s been a few days. I’m.. just sittn here, lazily, lovelily.. listening to Josh Garrels. God speaks to me through this man. Especially “Don’t Wait for Me.” Mmmmmm..

Many things have come to me recently. One of the more relaxing things is.. I have nothing to lose, and nothing to prove. I don’t even owe an explanation for that.. so much of my life.. I would have thought I did..

I saw “Twilight” again today.. third time and still rockin’ my socks off. The parallels in that movie are.. wow. I found myself realizing in sheer happiness, that no man (NO. MAN. EVER.) can be as perfect as Edward is portrayed. Everything about his character in the movie is who only my God can be.. to me. What a joy to stumble upon.. my God is ethereally, limitlessly, self-controlledly, respectfully, overwhelmingly.. in love with me.

..I had to end that paragraph because it was too sacred to touch. It’s all true. Can I remember it when people are disrespectful, limited, controlling, and careless to me.. that’s another question. I suppose.. hmmm.. I suppose that since we’re “formed in the image of God,” unless I’m staring HIM down in the MOMENT, I’ll forget.. and expect people to act like the God they look like.

Hmmm.. what a mistake that is. I suppose I can’t afford to take my eyes off Him anymore. How wonderful. Why would I want to look anywhere else. I keep coming back to John Piper’s words.. “The goal of the enemy is to take our eyes off what is more beautiful than his temptations.”

And I’m starting to sneeze a lot.. so I’m going to do some laundry, and smile. Because I’m in love.

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