It’s been a beautiful day…

I got back from Mattie’s concert at about 2:00PM, and then I went to bed. Then this morning I got up and took a shower. Exciting, I know… then I picked up Anna Laura and Mom, and we went to eat eggs and French toast at Gourmet’s Market. It was great. That place has a real-ly open energy about it…lets your heart and tongue loose into new rooms of discovery and revelation. Every time I’m there, something truth-saturated happens. Anyway, then we went to Target, and after I dropped off the famles, I went to the strip. And I had more coffee. Oh, I didn’t mention that I had coffee this morning. All morning. It was pretty significant, and a pretty significant amount. While on the strip, I became ill from it. So I went home, and knelt on my hands and knees in the bathroom and… CLEANED!! …you thought I was going to say puke, didn’t you. But no, I definitely cleaned. Cleaned ’til the bathroom and the kitchen were spic’n’span, for the first time since I’ve been there. Gave me a very nice feewling, despite the nausea.

Now I’ve come down to the Old City, where many bad and sad things happen, and am uploading a video onto Facebook, of several different clips of videos taken at our dance party in Northern Ireland. It’s pretty embarrassing for all involved. They’re going to de-tag themselves a minute after I put it up…unless they report it first. Bwa ha ha. I hope stupid Facebook doesn’t take it down because there’s “copyrighted material” in it. What’s up with that anyway?…

So…the fantastic positive energy at Gourmet’s Market is pretty much opposite to the horrible negative energy here in the Old City. Oh they try to cover it up with pretty pictures on the walls…but the pretty pictures have gathered such large amounts of dust over the decades that they’re really not so pretty anymore.

Oh wow…the Facebook loader says I have 58 hours till I can go home. Wope! it’s gone down to 1. Hmmm.

So…the Golden Roast. Yes, the Golden Roast. Or is it “T”he Golden Roast? The Golden Roast. It’s such a nice place. Gives me hope. I’ve decided to make it my morning devotion place. I’m so unmotivated to read God’s words at my house. I wonder why. But that’s beside the point. The Golden Roast is energizing and inspires me. Plus I can use the online Strong’s to look up “real” meanings of words. It’s been a real adventure for me. A few days ago, I was reading the story of Isaac and Abraham (the sacrifice), and learned some very interesting things. But I’m too sick to my stomach to think about anything but throwing up. Gross.

1 thought on “Whoop-dee”

  1. Hi, hi. Frieeeend.
    i’m glad to see that you’re blogging again. so glad.
    i love to read about your inner.

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