Nothing’s the Matter with Me! What’s New?

Holy smokes, it has been too long since I last blogged. Today I find myself doggy-paddling in a stagnant pool of honey-dos, and only wanting to watch Clue or listen to My Favorite Murder.

It’s a true crime podcast, hosted by one wet-mouthed anxiety-riddled young woman and one wise old bitch of a recovering alcoholic. And of course, I’m using the term “bitch” in the most reverential way possible. If Karen Kilgariff lived in Chicago, I would stalk her and force her to be my friend, I don’t care how many laws I’d have to break. haha. Juuuust kidding.. or am I? haha. Just kidding.. or am I? haha. J– [slaps self]

Anyway.. seriously a lot has been going on over the past several weeks! I don’t know where to start! Ahh!

Okay, I’ll just barf these out here and expound as/if I need to:

Still a non-smoker. Yeah buddy. Three months.

Have decided [yet again] to wean self off Graphic Design and focus more on my Illustration. If anyone reads this blog and would like to see more of what I’m doing with this decision, the best way to keep tabs on me is to follow me on Instagram. I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately that people seem to really enjoy. Knock yourself out.

Found sweet-ass roller skates in my size at thrift store for FIVE DOLLARS. This is going to be me, until Winter:

We saw The River Arkansas in Fairfield! It was awesome, no surprise there. They were doing a solar eclipse tour and we caught them at the tail end. It was magical. If you haven’t given them a listen yet, I’d highly/strongly recommend it. They’re talented, upbeat, joyful.. such a loving energy.

Worried about money still. I’ve decided to invest a lot of energy and time into getting my freelance illustration started off on the right foot, which I think is of the utmost importance, but in the meantime, I’m only bringing in little bits of money here and there from dingleberry design gigs (GROSS MENTAL PICTURE SORRY). So.. working on not letting that affect my mood/self-worth. It’s whatever. I’m fine. I’ll be fine.

Iowans love their college football. I haven’t lived in a football city in a while– these kids are nuts! We live basically right next-door to the stadium. The first game was this past weekend and tailgaters were sardined all over our front lawn and even on our front porch. Adam and I were holed up inside with all the doors locked and curtains drawn, shivering in silence like they were zombies ready to eat us if they found out we were at home. It was kind of scary. I know they’re just sports-people, but.. y’know, that’s just a demographic I’m legit terrified of. Sorry. One-on-one, not on a game day, I’m sure they’re normal, fine people. But you put ’em all together outside their home stadium hours before their team’s about to play AND THEN funnel fifty thousand gallons of cheap beer down their gullets– I’m telling you, it’s a fear I doubt I’ll ever get over. The following graphic image is a real, undoctored photograph of Iowa Hawkeye fans tailgating this past weekend here in Iowa City. I apologize if it’s over the edge.

But anyway, speaking of kids– the University of Iowa is back in session and these children are into the weirdest fashion trends. I have never in my life seen so many “half-cheeks.” Especially when coupled with the “half-pocket reveal.” This is in. So is wearing a hoodie– but just the hood part– the rest of the garment is left hanging behind you (like a cape). And, this just in– high-waist, flood-length, relaxed-fit pants. Who is guiding today’s youth?? It’s beyond me.. Amazing.. Wow. I couldn’t find a pic of the hoodie trend, but here’s the rest of what I’m talking about:


Umm, by the way, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, if you’re totally into these trends. I just think they look incredibly awful. Not the people underneath the clothes, but the clothes themselves. So terrible. Bad style. Nothing personal. Just sayin’.

My Favorite Murder is helping me stay sane. Everyone should give it a listen, from beginning to end, it’s marvelous. Not surprised at all that they rose to fame so quickly. They totally deserve it.

I hate working out. Need a yoga buddy.

Have been thoroughly enjoying keeping more in touch with long-distance friends. Should’ve been doing that a long time ago. Shout-outs to Corinne, Anna Laura, Brigid, Ariel, Chealsey, Jess, Heather, and Lola. Love you guys, thanks for being my friend. Let’s keep talking more. :)

We now eat meat like once a month and ice cream even less. I think Adam’s trying to kill me. It’s okay though. We’re filling our stomachs with carbonated water, every kind of vegetable, and lots of quinoa. I mean, who needs carbs when you’ve got carrots, amiright?

And in other news, Adam and I are both in the market for a good therapist, since alcohol is no longer there for us (bad friend, actually). It’s probably also related to the lack of ice cream and meat in my diet.. but..

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.31.53 PM.png

If you get that reference, kudos. And I’ve really got to get some work done now.. so, bye! I’ll blog again soon. I want to get back on a weekly schedule. It helps me feel like I’m “breathing out.” :)

1 thought on “Nothing’s the Matter with Me! What’s New?”

  1. Laughed several times during course of this post omg. Out loud.

    Also, you should join your local roller derby!

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