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September 14, 2010
Seattle, Washington

Sitting on Vanny and Josh Lowery’s back porch. The sun is out! It’s pretty much gorgeous here. Pret-ty much. M-m-m.

Yesterday, courtesy of Claire Fenner, I hopped on a plane to Los Angeles, CA. Didn’t talk to too many strangers at the airport, but did see a United States senator.

One fellow I conversed with briefly was a road builder. Had been in the business since he was fourteen years old – started out in pure construction, worked his way up and is now some big wig in the industry. Told him I fantasized about the business of building highways and byways.. being all inspirational and exciting (Ayn Rand’s handiwork in my brain), and he smiled in a reminiscing kind of way and said, “Well, that’s because you’re young.” I said, “Yeah, I am young,” and he said, “After you’ve been on the corporate side of a vision for twenty-five years, and you see the games and lies and all the f***ed up s*** that keeps it going, makes you want to leave it all for the simple life again. But by then, you can’t.” Or something to that effect. It was kind of sad.

American Airlines no longer provides courtesy nut packs to fliers. Just in case anyone was considering flying with them for the food. You can purchase food on board, but a sandwich the size of your thumbnail will put you out ten smackers (which is downright appetite suppressing). I almost committed that crime, but money…. it’s not green paper that grows on trees anymore.

The plane was taking off late, so I almost missed my connecting flight to Seattle (ten minutes!). Figured out a man who looked remarkably like Inspector Lynley was on the same flight as I was, so I hitchhiked his tailcoats (black, pinstripe) through the unbelievably ridiculous maze which is the LA airport. Apparently there was a famous band a few rows behind me in the plane – they were giving out autographs, but I had no idea who they were. I was much too interested in living vicariously through everyone on board who was EATING. Oh my goodness, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so hungry.

When I arrived in Seattle, Josh and Vanny were with their two-year-old daughter, Ella Austen, who is a DEARLING and a HALF. Upon meeting her, she commenced to asking me “Where’s Carla?” for about eight straight minutes, after which she decided to call me “Kira,” and it’s stuck. I believe she is the cutest union Cambodia and the United States has ever made.

We all went to Taco Bell and I got a seven layer burrito with quesadilla sauce (which is my favorite thing to eat, ever, next to any sushi, and mint chocolate chip ice cream), and then we came here! This is actually a little township called Bothel, but we’re just a few minutes from Seattle “proper.”

Wow, the sun.

Today, we all went to an adorable little breakfast joint where I totally felt like I was on the set of a “Northern Exposure” episode, and then we drove around downtown for a while to look for ogres under bridges. We found one. There are literally LITERALLY coffee shops on EVERY CORNER here. It’s kind of freaky. Makes me think of the red light district in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow we’re doing the coffee tour, Pike’s Place market and all that fine reggae. Tonight, I believe we may go to a park for a spell, then have chicken and watch some Harry Potter something-or-other.

I am having. the time. of my life. I want to move here. But I probably won’t. But maybe I will. The end.

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